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In 2005, group of astute Nigerian professionals converged around the idea of charting an alternative pathway to national development. This measure stemmed from the consensus that the country would remain uncompetitive in the global space unless we radically improved our infrastructure. There was also the sobering realization that government was unable on its own to meet the investment need for closing that gap without patriotic help from the private sector.

The Congress of Professionals [CoP] was formed with the intention to support the nation as consultants in 15 thematic areas of development. Solution templates were rolled out in these 15 thematic areas and supplied to the government sequentially on Housing, Infrastructure, Energy, Health Care, Security, Agriculture, and Industrials. The Congress of Professionals [CoP] produced the platform INSL, Cyrus Group and many other development platforms currently engaging the government at different fronts both as limited liability companies and NGOs.

In 2007, an Integrated Development Masterplan touching such areas as Infrastructure, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Housing, Youth Development, Education, Health Care, and several Multi-Thematic areas was under the NIGERIAN SUPERHIGHWAY project and presented to the Umar Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan administration. Infrastructure Network Services Limited was the vehicle that conceptualized and drove this audacious initiative.

This effort led to further studies and granular application of the tenets superhighway project into the LABOURDIRECT aspect of the solution template – The Nigeria Infrastructure Corridor & Grid was developed, with a national trunk superhighway designed to have several nodal flash points of industrial developments and logistic system to manage them. The Labour-Direct solution designed and developed in 2010 was a foundational basis for several government development blueprints and campaign documents. [Many major political stakeholders and their various groups saw and validated it]

The INSL approach to the delivery of infrastructure solutions prioritizes building both physical and human capital, such that the enabling environment for growth with employment opportunities can be created. Hence, our solution templates, from design to implementation, anchors on the Direct Development Approach [DDA] principle – which aims to deliberately deploy the services of local professionals [skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled] in the delivery of our projects, from design, to implementation and maintenance.

Equally critical to our approach is the deployment of locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly materials to deliver cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest standards of quality and durability. This is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Management Team


Kingsley Uluocha is a co-founder of Infrastructure Network Services Limited and the company’s executive chairman.

Mr. Uluocha brings to this task a wealth of experience garnered from several years’ operating in the real estate, oil services, and financial consultancy services sectors, among others.

Mr. Uluocha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calabar and has attended several courses and seminars relating to the many roles he plays.

He is a writer with a strong passion for politics and good governance.

His hobbies include reading, writing, and chess.

CEO – ARC. (DR) PETER ADOLE AGADA – BSc, MSc Arch. (Jos) PHD (Gulf American University)

Trained in the University of Jos between 1990 and 1997 Peter Agada obtained a BSc in Architecture in 1994 followed by an MSc in 1997 from same institution. He over the years was involved in several projects within the public and private sector. He was part of the team that developed and built the Presidential complex Abuja and the National assembly complex as a staff with the FCDA Public building Dept in 1998.

A co-founder of INSL, Peter is a seasoned project developer and a seeker for alternative development solutions, Peter is also a policy entrepreneur, strategist and synergist on access to African markets and local economies.

He has several years of cognate experience in crafting facilitating and executing private public sector strategies towards implementation in vast, multi- sectoral and integrated projects and solutions across the structures of government and the private sector.

He is an expert and a resource person in the practice of Government transformational programs, a seeker of alternative methods and routes to better project delivery, fiscal responsibility, value for money and a focused procurement system.

He is also a developer of comprehensive approaches to project that impact on lives of people alleviating poverty, protecting the vulnerable and endangered, a change agent, projector of principles and values of true national transformation, peace progress and equalization. He is able to multi-task.

Being part of several teams of professionals who design integrated multisectoral solution templates for national and state infrastructure development programs since 2004 Peter Agada Coordinated and set up labourdirect.com and the congress of professionals – group responsible for the design of an alternative project delivery system called DDA – Direct Development Approach – This system was seen , accepted and approved by several government as a way forward and adopted as a background basis for their various integrated infrastructure master planning.

Main goal of DDA is to develop and deploy a home grown nationally oriented Nigerian project Delivery system for the benefit of all and the development of Nigeria in a holistic and all-inclusive manner.

Peter Agada also delved into the field of Geospatial Intelligence and C4ISR system and network development for the Nigerian Armed Forces and Intelligentsia. This initiative & projects saw him interact with people at the highest level in the Army, Air forces, Navy, Police, Civil Defense, US Dept. of Defense and State Department.

He also brought a strong synergy between Nigerian Armed forces and several international Military institutions like the Turkish Armed Forces foundation and the United States institute of Peace.

The Vision is to set up a Nigerian Version of the PENTAGON called NEXAGON a hub Capable of Real-time and Robust Geospatial intelligence and Information System with a Data bank Capable of governing and putting all of Nigeria’s 923,786KM2 Land and 200Million Person in a virtual Nigeria. With Essence to assist the Military and Intelligentsia with information required to keep the peace, security and prosperity of Nigeria – TECHNOLOGY FOR PEACE INITIATIVE.

Peter was among the recently recognized innovative technology developers in Nigeria by the presidency who were made to meet with Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley technology developers, inventors and investors by the President of Nigeria in Sept 2016 for his Geospatial intelligence system and Network project for the Armed Forces and Intelligentsia.

He is registered as an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, Town planning and a consultant development planner.

NICHOLAS ALIFA – Chief Marketing Officer [CMO]

Nicholas Alifa is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and a trained food and agribusiness expert by the International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture, Netherlands, with over five years of experience in the Food and agriculture business in Nigeria.

He holds a First-Class Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Technology, a Master’s degree in Food Technology, and a Master of Food science at the University of Reading, United Kingdom. He has a Mini MBA from Tekedia Institute, United States, and is an Alumni of Harvard Business School Online, where he obtained a certificate of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economy.

He founded Ajaoko Agritech Limited, an award-winning startup that provides smart solutions for African Food and Agriculture, and a co-founder of FoodPoint African American.

In 2018, Nicholas was nominated to lead a team of young Nigerians to formulate a policy brief on Policy Incentives for Implementing Climate Agriculture during the Foodathon SDG e-conference at Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands. He was a next-generation Social Media Ambassador for the Global Food Security Symposium 2019 at the Chicago Council for Global Affairs and an Alumnus of the prestigious Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation, and a recipient of the Best Agricultural Entrepreneur award in Plateau state, Nigeria.

Nicholas received a Presidential Award as the Finalist of Aso Villa Demo Day from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, president in 2016. He also received the Nigeria Innovation Award for the Best e-Agricultural Platform in 2017. He was the first runner-up of the Youth Entrepreneurship Dialogue Pitching Competition organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN).

He’s a fellow Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship (YIL) and Borlaug-Adesina Fellowship and a Bridge Fellow at the Nigeria Economic Summit Group. He is a member of the Institute of Agribusiness Management, Nigeria; International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA); Institute of Food Technology (United States), institutes of Food Science and Technologies (United Kingdom) and a former visiting research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institutes (IFPRI), Washington DC.

Nick is committed to contributing to the availability of safe, sufficient, and Nutritious food for all.

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