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Infrastructure Network Services Limited (INSL) is a leading infrastructure development company based in Nigeria. With a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions, INSL specializes in various sectors, including Farmsteads, Agrotech logistics, Roads, Service Trunks, Stopover stations, Green energy, and Human capital development.

Established with a vision to transform Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape, INSL brings together a team of highly skilled professionals, industry experts, and strategic partners to deliver exceptional projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the nation.


INSL provides comprehensive solutions for developing and improving farmsteads in Nigeria. From land acquisition and site planning to infrastructure development and operational support, INSL ensures that farmsteads are equipped with the necessary facilities to enhance agricultural productivity and efficiency.

Green Energy

INSL is at the forefront of promoting green energy solutions in Nigeria. The company designs and implements renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind power systems, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate the environmental impact of energy generation.

Agrotech Logistics

INSL understands the importance of efficient logistics in the agro-industry. The company offers integrated logistics solutions that optimize the transportation, storage, and distribution of agricultural products. By leveraging advanced technologies and a robust network, INSL facilitates seamless supply chain management for agro-commodities across Nigeria.

Service Trunks

INSL specializes in the development and maintenance of service trunks, which are essential for the distribution of utilities such as electricity, water, and telecommunications. The company designs and constructs reliable service trunks that ensure efficient delivery of these essential services to communities and industries.

Stopover Stations

Understanding the importance of convenient rest stops along highways, INSL designs and builds stopover stations that provide essential amenities to travelers. These stations include fuel stations, restrooms, convenience stores, and eateries, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for motorists.

Human Capital Development

INSL recognizes that human resources are the foundation of any successful enterprise. The company invests in the training and development of its workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. INSL also contributes to the broader development of human capital in Nigeria through various initiatives, including scholarships, vocational training programs, and capacity building workshops.



….For us in INSL, infrastructure involves building both physical and human capital as a means to sustainable development and economic prosperity.

What is Farmstead/Tech Park Like?

…. It is the synthesising of physical & human capital, with technological knowhow, to radically bridge the infrastructure gap in our economy.

How can Tech Parks be made Attractive to the Youth?

…… These parks are designed to offer pristine living and working environments & conditions. Additionally, the Parks are designed to leverage the entire agriculture value chain to build prosperous & sustainable communities which will become the nodes of our new towns & cities.

What is Green Technology & how do we in INSL deploy it in the Agrobased Tech Parks?

……. From conceptualisation to design to implementation, our watchword is GREEN – meaning that we deploy locally sourced & environmentally friendly materials for our projects and processes, and reducing to the barest minimum the use of expensive materials.

How is the Produce Value Chain enhanced & linked to the markets both local & international?

…… We incorporate the vital element of GAP [good agricultural practices] to make our products conform to international standards so as to sell our farm produce off plan.

What is Value Addition on Produce?

….. It is processing the produce from primary to secondary & even tertiary use, rather than merely extracting & marketing raw farm produce.

How will the Farmsteads Impact the Environment & the Locals?

…….. The farmstead provides an economic nucleus and serves as a clearing house for aggregating, processing & marketing farm produce from the community. This allows individual farmers & local stakeholders to benefit from economics of scale. Additionally, it serves as a community centre, providing social amenities like healthcare, school & sporting facilities.

How will the Farmsteads aid the Local Economy?

……. The Farmsteads aid the local economy by providing direct and indirect employment, support and extention services and marketing outlet to the local economy.

How will the Farmsteads lead to a New Culture and Promote Export and Foreign Exchange Earning?

…. The Farmsteads will engender a mandatory reorientation of our youth by getting them interested in Agrotech. Because of the need to evolve and sustain GAP [so as to make our products conform to international standards], several new competences will be learned, proliferated & localised, which will invariably mandate a change in our teaching and learning curricula in our state-owned schools. This will ensure that schooling is vitally connected to meeting the needs of the emerging Agrotech market. This will greatly reduce unemployment & enhance earning capacities of all stakeholders.

How will Farmstead Infrastructure & Housing be developed?

…. Farmsteads infrastructure & housing will be developed deploying local labour & local machineries. Hydraform brick-making machines for housing & farm buildings is South African. Laterite is locally abundant.
Roofs will be solar-panelled. The entire complex is utilising minimal grid power.

How will the Human Resource be sourced and Accommodated?

….. The human resource will be drawn 100% from the state and host communities. We will only outsource where there are no local capacities to fill the need.

All directly employed staff will be accommodated in the Farmstead.

What IT Facilities will be deployed to make the Farmstead a Success?

The entire farmstead complex will be serviced with VoiP (voice over Internet Protocol) and connected to the www( world wide web) with high speed fibre heavy band with communication system network. This enables the farmstead location to be internationally beaconed at the global agro – Indistrial market Square network

What other Logistics Services will be available at each Farmstead?

Internal & External Logistics service provided by INSL FARMSTEAD – INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEM are ;
A. Transportation
B. Accommodation
C. Produce processing
D. Export market linkages
E. Produce Preservation and Packaging
F. Local market Agro & industrial marketing platforms

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